Self Adhyan Guru Ji

Professional Teacher


Self Adhyan is a platform that helps anyone learn software, technology and creative skills to achieved your personal and professional goals, through individual, corporate or academic member have access to selfadhyan.in , this is just starting to help the student or leader, now the tutorial language start in hindi and soon start in English language also.

The Self Adhyan Guruji recognizes that excellence in professional work, scholarship, research, and teaching today must pay attention to and integrate technology skills. We offer learning opportunities to help you understand and master technology that will support the work you do and develop your academic and professional knowledge and skills.

  • Years of experience: 15
  • Hometown: Delhi
  • Available for work: yes

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Special PDF Material for Advance Excel, Tally, Web Developing & Programming Language. Self Adhyan provides extensive series of notes on various subjects. There notes are created by highly educated and experienced personalities. Register to this site to get full access of the notes provided.